quick killswitch question

Im thinking of putting a remote killswitch(toggleswitch) in my bike, instead of a key. would that drain the battery if it was on? kinda like if i held the killswitch down.

Put the switch on the same wires as the power cable coming off of the battery, when it is off, no power can flow to the on button.

i was thinking of doing that. but, if someone just pressed the on button and kicked it over, wouldnt the stator supply the power?

Your concern was having the switch in the 'on' position, killing the battery. If ll you are concerned about is preventing the engine from being started, no matter the position of the 'on' button, then you want your switch wired in parallel with the kill switch. When the toggle is 'on', it is the same as holding the kill switch button.

I installed a hidden toggle switch behind the left number plate of my 07, just forward of the coolant reservoir and pointing downward. I can't recall which wire i cut but it worked out great. If you turn on the bike, the odometer will light up, it will turnover but not start and kickstart will not start either unless the toggle in in the "on" position. I will have a look over the weekend and let you know which wire i cut. I will also post a few pics.

You can see where i added the **key switch, with the key removed, the bike wont start.


just what i needed thanks for the replies guys.

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