600r performance improvements

Here's a rundown of the parts I've recently ordered:

2000 XR600r

Fredette racing chain guide

Moose shark fin

Acerbis DHH dual 35w halogen light kit

Ricky Stator 200w stator and heavy duty AC regulator

Meier MX style rear fender

Baja designs LED brake/tail light (under fender kit)

Magnetic oil drain plug-frame and engine

FMF pipe with powercore 4 exhaust

Trailtech Vapor

Works Connection frame guards

SRC front fork brace and mudskins fork saver

XR's only case saver

Mikuni flatside 41mm

Uni filter

Current mods:

oil cooler mod (from 450)

Xr's only oil temp dipstick (so far a great investment)

Scott steering stabilizer

Stainless oil filter

race tech gold valve (rear)

stock header with weld ground and ceramic wrap

Big Gun quiet exhaust

K&N filter/ airbox mod

I ride about 75% road, 25% dirt average, but that changes quickly, depending on my spare time, and if a new trail gets discovered (kinda sparse out here.) I plan to run the 200w stator full AC. Supposedly it will run everything fine as long as I'm using the High wattage regulator. Stock light/stator is way too dim to even run on the street at night. I think the carb will work great with the exhaust. Originally wanted White bros E2, but they are long gone. I was debating on a Hotcams stage 1, but I am 165 lbs as it is, and this bike pulls low end throttle wheelies in 1 and 2 with no regard to where my weight is on the bike. I predict the mikuni's snappy low-throttle response will intensify that ten fold. Seems plenty of power as it is, my only ever bitch was the lack of throttle response with that stock carb.

Any good opinions, tips or install advice? I pretty much went off of what I found in here from reading what you people have said / recommended in deciding on my purchases. By the way, thanks for that. Pics to come.

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