P.C. Thermostrips

Just bought a set of ProCircuit Thermostrips, does anyone have these and know where to place them to get the most accurate engine temp? I was thinking left radiator, upper backside. Thanks in advance for the info.


Your location will be fine. Just put it where you can reasonable see it from the seat.

You will never get a super accurate temp measurement rather a warning when it is getting too hot. Use the sticker for a relative measurement.

Well I tried these out on a 3 hour trail ride about 1 hour of fire road and 2 hours of single track. 1-2 gear most of the time, riding pretty hard and these things never even showed any temp. Change. They start at 149f and there not even registering at that temp. Checked the radiator fluid and its still topped up , the radiators always seem to be cool enough to touch even after a long ride. So whats the deal? Do I have some weird bike that never gets warm, faulty thermostrips, or am I just not riding hard enough?

You were moving fast enough to have the airflow take away the heat, I have one bike that wile moving, rarely goes over 110 degrees. Hit the tight technical stuff and the temp will soar over 210!


My 426 never gets that hot when riding on the MX track. However, once I take it in the woods and have to start working harder at the lower actual speed, I can feel the heat coming off the radiators. When that happens, I look for an open area that I can get the speed up to help cool things down.

good to know its not just me, however the single track was pretty tight, Black diamond! And we were in 1st almost the whole way going maybe 5-10 mph the whole time with a few open spots. As long as its staying cool that's what matters. Thinks for the input.

5 to 10 mph has plenty of air movement. All sounds about right, go ride and do not worry. :smirk:

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