free mods

any illistrations on the free mods for a 01 426


Depends on which one(s) you are talking about...

BK mod, YZ timing, lowered footpegs, grey wire, blue wire, air box snorkel, airbox lid, exhaust baffle, spoke blue-printing :):D

Let us have some more details of what you want to do... and I suggest you do one at a time... And use the search feature to find out more..., just don't put the term "synthetic oil" into the search field... :D LOL

BTW, welcome to TT...


NICE GRAPHIC! He should be able to find it know. All he needs to do now is know what he is searching for. Do you have any pics of that.

Dosent it say downthe bottom you cannot reply to topics??

Your First Post and Blam...blammmm..Your on the floor. You've been thumped by the thumpers.. Now get up, dust yourself off, and get back in there!!! Newbie

spoke blueprint.. God-I love that Mod!

tk421 what altitude u at? :):D :D :D


I hope you have better luck with the search function than I do. The old TT forum was better at searching. Also, what really sucks is all my favorite TT shortcuts no longer work.

Three excellent “free mods” are The BK mod, airbox lid, and exhaust plug removal:

1. Brian talks about his BK mod.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg Pictures of BK mod by Motoman 393.

2. Remove the airbox lid (Item #17).

3. Remove the exhaust plug (not shown on fische). Take out bolt #12 (shown on fische) to remove plug.

check out peoples signatures to see what they have done and search for things like

gray wire

grey wire

blue wire


also check out motomans393's site which is now hosted on TT.

it's all learning and some Thumpers need to remember this is for sharing not for being a snapperhead - we haven't all been here since the beginning.


This might help

Free mods

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