Product Review- Pivot Pegz for XR650R

I tested Pivot Pegz on the XR650R today. This is a new model for Pivot Pegz and I thought I’ve give em a try. For those who haven’t seen them, they are aftermarket foot pegs which can pivot forward and backward 20 degrees in each direction. The are gaining popularity in the motocross world and they just came out for the Honda XR650R, a popular bike for desert riders and racers, especially in Baja. (although the BRP is commonplace all over the world for a variety of terrain and ridding conditions)

The installation took about five minutes and the packaging came with replacement cotter pins however you use Pivot Pegs with your OEM pins. I replaced a set of IMS Pro Pegs which I’ve been racing with.

The Pivot Pegz were comparable in size to the IMS pegs but because of the pivoting mechanism, the Pivot Pegz actually extended a little further out from the bike, thus giving more surface area under the boot than other pegs. However, not all of that surface area pivots under the boot. The part of the peg (closest to the bike’s frame) which did not pivot did not restrict the traction or grip of the boot in a noticeable way.

I sat on the bike and rocked back and forth and it seemed a little weird but once I started riding I began to get used to them. I tested them for a few hours today in winding mountainous trails in San Diego County. The terrain was limited to winding trails and some more difficult granite boulder crawling.

They work well to keep the boot stationary (as the manufacturer claims) and there is an advantage to keeping both the forward and trailing edge of the foot peg under the boot. The manufacture claims that Pivot Pegz will aid in relieving and/or reducing fatigue in the whoops…

Whoops, I forgot to test them while blitzing through the whoops. But I can already see how they would work well with the bike rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down in all kinds of terrain. (another report will follow)

The upside I already found for the XR650R was that they helped me to get my weight forward over the handlebars and without feeling like I was on my tip toes. Most desert terrain is ridden at higher speeds in the 3rd, 4th and 5th gears, keeping your weight forward and riding on the balls of your feet (without ready access to the foot controls). I found Pivot Pegz to be a real improvement over standard pegs in this position.

Ying and Yang:

With every upside there is usually some kind of trade-off and I found this early on with the Pivot Pegz. When riding the winding mountainous terrain after all the rain we’ve had, I was using the rear brake and gear shifter more so than is normal in the Baja desert. So when the pegz were under the arch of my foot, I found it took some getting used to finding reference to the rear brake lever. This is the only trade-off I found because I missed the brake lever a few times. It will take some getting used to and I will continue to ride with these pegs and will test them at another popular SD spot were I can get a long run at some real whoops at higher speeds.

For now, I give Pivot Pegz a 9 on a scale of 1-10 (1=don’t buy them; 10=buy them before your next ride)

Standby for a follow-up report.

Pivot Pegz.jpg


$150!!!!!!:smirk: Yikes. Nice write up though.

good write up! i race dez too let me know if they help with the whoops

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