Yamaha reply on rod bearing failer

Well my 07, 9 month old yz450f had a rod bearing go out and cyl plating peeled off, tried to talk to yamaha but said had to go through dealer , went to dealer and dealer said it was dirt injestion .The first two rides i did have dirt past the filter but when i asked the tech guy at dealer about it he said that sometimes the air box dont seal and you have to silacone them up .I took sub frame off and sealed filter box and it never had another leak or dirt get by . Yamaha says it wasnt documented in the first 30 days so its not there problem .refused to help in any way untill i showed my a-- for awhile ,finaly got them to agree to do the crank only . I didnt think it was enough dirt to cause this problem ,they thought otherwise. I guess in hine site I should of took bike to dealer and argued from day one but Oh well.Im ordering a big bore kit today so maybe I will fill better once I get it on and get my crank back in .

did you ever get to talk to the Yami rep handling this? Or just the dealer? I passed this to my friend at Yami but did not follow up on it....this would be the ideal time to put a bb cylinder on it although....which one are you going with? at least a new crank is in order

yea talked to a bunch of folks at yamaha , got nowhere , actuly called them from the dealer and the dealer also backed my story about filter case but since it wasnt documented ........, sorry no help make your dealer pay since he didnt do paper work , I wasnt going to do that , any how found a 478 big bore at motorsports for 600.00, and crank from yamaha at n/c should be here next week ,mabee a newborn yz480 will make me fill better next week.

did the bike have yamaha'a recall done to your air filter

There was no recall YZF or YZ air filters, only the WR.

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