How many miles on your stock L.

My 2004 L is coming up one 31,000 miles. I dream of the high comression, big cam, pumper it will become, but I can not bring myself to break into the motor until it needs it. Sure it burns a little oil, but still gets 44 mpg, runs great and has never let me down. So how many more mile is it going to make me wait?

LOL i feel tiny with my L just about to turn 11k LOL

889 Should I not have posted that?

889 Should I not have posted that?

889K. would be more beleiveable....

My '05 L in the garage, in pieces, has almost 20k on it.

Didn't do any mods on it at all. Started noticing quite a bit of compression loss about 1k prior to tearing it down. Having all the stock configs, plus the way I ran that bike was more than likely why it needed top end work so soon. Piston and cylinder are in decent shape. Piston rings were history. As I was taking the head off, geeze, seemed like all kinds of deposits came falling out. Piston top, combustion chamber, valves, exhaust ports were caked with deposits. I had to use a shopvac to vacuum up a big pile of loose deposits that was sitting on top of the piston. Yeeeuck.

Amazing the bike even ran as good as it did.

What do you attribute all the deposits to?

What do you attribute all the deposits to?

More than likely it was from burning oil since the carb was still at stock jet and running too lean. The leaness along with the combustion temp being overly hot probably caused any oil being burned with the fuel mixture to be vaporized so much that there wouldn't be any smoke coming out of the tail pipe. Plus the ALL the rings were in really sad shape.

When I took the cylinder off, it came off way too easily: a sure indication that the rings were shot. The majorty of the deposits were like a dark, not quite black, sandy color and consistency.

Sounds like a very plausible theory.

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