Catch can question?

Im installing a fuel catch can on my 2006 yz450f for supermoto and i have to route all of the carb vent lines to it.

My question is can i route all of the carb vent lines into a 5 into 1 manifold that i picked up at the auto parts store & then route the single line coming out into the catch can.

Will it affect anything by putting the 5 lines into 1 manifold.

Im trying to clean up the vent line mess by eliminating 5 separate lines routing to the catch can.

Since two pairs of the hoses are redundant, it's actually 3 to 1. It should work as long as the single exit hose is significantly larger than the others (say 1/4"), and the can is well vented.

Thanks again gray!

Hey, what's that white stuff in the first picture in your garage next to the parked car?

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