Jason Raines

Is he really racing a WR?? I would think am-pro yamaha would have enough tricks up their sleeve that it is probably a yz with a button and really NO additional weight....anyone know?? Just curious. THANKS.

It's a YZ with wr decals graphics. The guys at Zip-Ty racing told me that yamaha requires them to run wr graphics even though they are running YZ's. It's marketing plan and simple.

If its got the button, its more than likely it started out a WR.

But, you can bet the thing is in full YZ state of tuning, with YZ suspension.

Kinda like Destry Abbott's "KLX" 450. Sure, it starts out being a KLX, but by the time its built for racing, about the only things that are still original are the chassis & bottom end of the motor.

You guys are funny. Its ok if someone is racing on a yamaha that is NOT a yz. Do you think Chad Reeds yz is anything like yours either? I would have to say, being that Jason Raines is a woods rider it is more of a WR then you think. I have been told that the pro-am guys are using yz forks but I bet internally the engine is darn close to a stock (uncorked) WR. You dont need or want supercross style power offroad conditions were the races are long and the conditions provide poor traction.

It is a YZ with a WR transmission, flywheel weight and WR cams which I believe is the ultimate setup. If only I had the money to do that.

x2, i saw the dream ride test of Hawkins bike,its got the button, and the wide ratio,beyond that its pure speculation,Like Reeds and Langstons bike, whats inside that you dont see and what they tell you is inside is two different things

he raced in a team/ironman race i was in january,sure as heck looked like a WR everytime he lapped me!

i did get a close look at it in the staging lanes,it was a WR:thumbsup:

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