2001 carb vs. 2002 carb


Could someone please inform me if there are any differences between the carbs on 2001 model 426 and a 2002 426? if yes what are they?

Also this is for bikes sold in Europe (i.e no extra long throttlestop, or grey wire :cool :D .

Race report have to wait until tomorrow, for the moment I am actually glad to be working (for Ericsson, going to lay off another 10000 :) ).

To keep it short, the weekend was a blast!!

See ya,



come on guys! Someone out there must know!

See ya,


I have an 01 426 my brother has an 02 426 the only differances found were some jetting and clip position.

every year Yamaha reduces the duration of the accelerator pump, to off-set the low end stumble, and then attempts to re-jet accordingly.

The BK mod on the 2001, w/ altered jetting is better than the STOCK 2002 carb.

Thanks guys!

Info is appreciated, will help out in some "dealings" coming up :)

Se ya,


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