We are freezing!!!!

Does some of you guys have good suggestions to make regarding the choice of an enduro coat and the choice of gloves that are able to keep the rider warm at temperatures around -5 to +5 degrees. Where I ride, temperatures haven't been warmer than +5 since two weeks now but there is still no snow so riding is still possible and fun. But my... we are freezing!

Thanks for your help :D And don't tell me to move to California!!! :) (Ha Ha!!) :D


I dont know about a coat because I hate wearing them when I ride. It always seems to restrictive and then you start getting to hot and there is no place to put it but I do have a cold weather tip for you. :)

Buy some Gortex socks. Keeps your feet dry and warm all day. You never have to worry about your boots getting wet again.

Just thought Id throw that in. 2 cents

MSR has some nice cold weather riding gear. Check out the their gloves MSR Cold Pro's. And you don't know what cold is my friend. It's -21 here right now!!!!!

You guys don't know what cold is it got down to +38 F here in north cal today. Ha Ha

Spend the bucks on a goretex jacket. I froze my nuggets about 5 years ago in a rain, sleet, snow storm in Utah. After I thawed out I ordered a Moose Trask Mountain Jacket. The neat feature with this jacket it folds up into a fanny pack when it gets too hot to wear.

I think the answer to your problem may be to stay in bed.

I have seen those French Canadian girls and they are sweet!

Thanks for all the advices,

-21 is pretty cold even if we are used to such a temperature here in Québec. But when its that cold, we don't ride at all except for the valuable warriors who put nailed tires on!!!

Just to answer to beezer, I think that you are right about the French Canadian girls. Been to several places in the world and still haven't find a place where girls in general are so cute. Maybe I'm not objective but reading comments like beezer's one makes me think it is a verified theory...

But you know what? Get outside a little bit with these girls on cold days and the bed time will feel much more hot!! :) Are you guys married? Because I am... Anyway!

Still open to suggestions regarding cold temperature gear and stuffs...

Thanks :D


I have a msr jacket. It is great for spring & fall ridding. But it isn't insulated for winter ridding. The local honda dealer had a blue snowmobile jacket that resembles a enduro jacket for $150. I dont know the name. Im thinking of gettin that for snow ridding.

Math - I feel your pain buddy. Haven't seen any double - digit temps here for weeks! We've got a ride planned for Sunday, and they're calling for a daytime high of only 3! Maybe I'll just show up for the post ride BBQ and beers. :):D

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Hey guys, quit your whining. All those American boys are gonna think we Canadians are weak :D

Math: Pick yourself up a decent Snowmobiling coat and perhaps a snowmobiling helmet if you find the weather too chilly. I own a Ski-Doo jacket and altho it is big and bulky, it keeps the cold at bay nicely.

BTW, not too cold here yet. -17 centigrade with about 5 cm's of snow :)

Check out our girls HERE.

And we are full of them. None of the foreign guys want to leave Bulgaria when they see our girls unless they are on the other shore :)

Where can I get one of those?

On the subject, I have a Columbia coat with removable liner that works great for a variety of temperature changes. The arms also have a zippered vent to cool you down.

Sabin, are they for sale?

I can't read Bulgarian.

Dude, you need to come to California. nuff said

My vote is for Stockholm, Sweden!

I went there back in '88, and I could not belive the natural beauty of the women. Dark complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes, that sexy European demeanor...

Sweden all the way!


Can we assume you are referring to the weather?

Its try_and_buy :)

take your pick.

Math, good suggestions and ideas from the replies to your inquiry that I've read.

My pitch would be to go for something functional in multiple seasons. Like a lightweight jacket that has side benifits(not Bulgarian or Sweedish babes, which would be sweet to keep in a jacket, but Gor-Tex and adjustable ventilation).

Here in Colorado, the weather is dipping into the colder temps. lately too, but we have a lot of sunny days also. The rule of thumb around here is LAYERS. So I do the Gor-Tex spring jacket(no liner) idea. It works great for pouring rain, wind, snow, anything and I think the suggestion to find a coat with side zips is key. Ventilation equals dry, if you get wet and get hypothermia :)

Okay so with the Gor-Tex type light weight jacket in hand think layers. Fleece, polypro, whatever, just not cotton(cause you will warm up=sweat=wet=hypothermia...cotton retains water so in the cold it is not a friend). Layers of clothing are great because you can unzip the outer for air flow, or shed a lighter layer into a jacket pocket. The deal is regulate your temp to stay dry, use the jacket to keep out the wind and wet...then you're in business.

What the guys are saying about big jackets is true...bulky and a pain. I do a ton of outdoor winter activities and layering up from head to toe is the way to go, if you want to be active, warm, and safe. That's enough tech talk for now, but as a new guy, this is one thing I have some experience in. Last year I took 20 high school kids for an overnight on top of the contenental divide(4000m -ish), which was crazy, but we all came back without frostbite. Ride on, ride hard, ride warm in Canada...brrr.

Thanks to you guys, just went to my dealer and tried the MSR Gore-tex (however you spell it) jacket and pants. I also saw the cold pro gloves. These last seem to me to be better than the Sinisalo enduro gloves...on the other hand, enduro pants from sinisalo are very well built.

Anyway, finally got an eye on cool stuffs called Wind Stopper from a compagny called "Biker" if I am right. It looks like I'm going to buy their Wind Stopper jersey (+ the MSR jacket and pants). This "Biker" compagny offers different kinds of products all made in the same material that they call their " Wind Stopper": jerseys, sox, gloves... guys who race on the ice here wear these "Biker" gears a lot in the winter so they must be very efficient.

Thanks again :)


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