Stator Rewind Question XR650R

I'm gunna rewind my stator soon and was told by Baja Designs to wind 2 circuits of 125W each. I would like to wind just one for 250W....BD sez that if I do I'll have to run a 80W headlite continously or the voltage regulator will fail, I assume it won't withstand the shunt current when lites are off/no big deal to wind two circuits, but if I don't have to....any suggestions, comments? Thanks

I just recently rewound my stator as a single circuit. Seems to work great with the lights/heated grips on or off. I guess it is worth noting that I am not running the factory regulator. I am running the BD dual sport kit and that has it's own regulator rectifier job that seems to be handling all the extra juice just fine.

As for all the how to's telling you to buy a full pound of magnet wire, I was only able to find half pound spools locally and turns out a half pound is way more than enough to wind 8 poles 40+ turns deep.

And for sure strip off the factory winds and do one continuous wire on all 8 poles the results are worth it.

If you just do a single wind I think it will be OK. You don't get quite the current capacity with the single wind as two parallel winds.

A single wind will give you more voltage. No dimming at idle, or at least not as much.

One nice thing about a two coil setup is redundancy. Run two lights one powered by each coil. Then if something goes wrong with one, the other will still be lighting up your way.

i rewound mine with two circuits with one a/c voltage for the head light and the other d/c voltage to power the ds kit. i am running the stock regulator for the head light and the baja designs regulator for the rest of the system. works great, no dimming of the headlight and the turn signals will only work with d/c voltage. 64 wraps each pole with 18 gauge wire.

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