98' WR400F vs 2002 DRZ400E

Wondering which is a better bike?? Any "2 cents worth" idea??

Put them together and look on the workmanship on both bikes, then you will answer your question by yourself.

For me the question is Blue or Red !

My 2c

The bikes are similar. My best friend rides a WR400 and I ride a DRZ 400 on steriods. We switch bikes all the time. It all depends on many factors, price, availability of parts (support). You are also compairing a 99' vs 02'. If all things are equal, a stock WR is more of a race bike and a stock DRZ is more of a play bike. How are you going to use the bike?

My sentiments exactly... the yellow toy sucks... Blue is a better option for me...

I was fortunate that the small town Suzuki dealer let me test drive a DRZ400E prior to making my purchase. Even without getting to try a WR, it was a clear choice for me.

Only consideration that would have convinced me of the DRZ was cost. But I have never bought a brand new dirt bike before and held out for the one I really wanted.

I'm not really cutting down the DRZ, it has good capabilitys. Just that the WR is way more refined all around. Just my 510000 cents worth! Could have had the DRZ for <font color="yellow"> 405000 cents)

You need to be sure on how much work the wr has done, on the other hand there is nothing like a new bike, if that makes any sense. :)

I have had two DRZ 400's A 2000 and a 2001 I am getting a new WR 450, but don't discount the DRZ's, they are super reliable, corner great, and the most confortable bike I've owned (you can ride all day wuthout getting monkey butt). The Yammer is more of a high performace bike. But if its between a 98 blue or 02 yellow for trail riding,go yellow, if your going to race, go blue, but remember the 98 WR fork angle was wrong, they corrected it in 99 and they corner better.

I just bought a new WR (my second). A mate has bought a new DRZ-E, because he can't get the hang of hot-starting with the kickstart (hilarious to watch though!).

The reasons are pretty much what the guys above are saying. I like the WR because I can play around on trails and in the woods, but I can take the lights off and play at being a motocrosser too (I stop a bit short of describing myself as a racer yet!). My friend is buying the DRZ 'cos it is a bit more user friendly and has the button!

Hope this helps. :)

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