oil change problem????

im changing the oil filter on my 426 and the filter was hard to get out. now i cant get it screwed back in, was it just stuck in there before or does it screw in like a cars?? i know this sounds dumb but id like to be sure before i put the filter cap back on:bonk:

It simply sits in the well, and the cap holds it in place. But a not so dumb thing to look at is whether the rubber base pad from the old filter is still on the filter (where it should be) or stuck to the engine case (where it will interfere with the installation of the cover). Take a look.

Hey thanks man. I checked for the rubber washer and it WAS stuck on the engine case, I took that out and the new one fit a lot better. why would it stick ? was it melting to the case?:smirk:

nah. it happens a lot. nothing to worry about. just be sure to check for that every time you change the filter.

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