'99 or '08 ? Worth the cake?

My brother in law has a '99 WR400. Anyone know about what he might sell it for - good shape - stock. OR should he pony up and buy a new '07 , '08 and keep the old bike for back up...? Are there major diffrences b/t the two?

Any ideas would be great...

major differences.... 99 is a powerful brute :smirk:

07' - 08' is very nimble, lower center of gravity, e-start, auto decomp, ultra reliable, and so on, and so on...

If he wants a new bike he should stick with a WR. The 99' is not really the kinda bike you loan to your buddy that has never ridden before :) but a cool back up bike I suppose

Even in great shape, '98-'99-'00 Yamaha four-strokes are bringing only around $2200 these days in my neck of the woods. Even though (in California, at least) the green sticker makes them more attractive, the used bike market is definitely depressed, and buyers tend to be leery of four-strokes of that vintage.

If it really is in very good condition, there's a strong case to be made for keeping it, rather than dropping $6500 - $7000 on a new bike. The WR400s were almost XRish with respect to reliability, and made ample power.

There's a big difference between the '99 and '08, but only you (or your brother-in-law, I guess) can decide whether that difference is worth an outlay of almost five grand. For me, a lot would depend on how pristine the '99 is, and how much I actually plan to ride either bike.

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