XR650r compression release...Doesn't

It doesn't release all the way after I let go of the lever, it is not the cable at all. I have to reach under and push the lever down to make sure it isn't clicking down there....Any ideas? Would a Hotcam change anything?

Pull the cover off and you should figure it out real quick. Make sure the spring on the manual one is returning. If it is, your auto decomp isn't working.

You can remove it from the cam. I did it. You have to make sure that you plug a lubrication hole with JB weld. I've put about 1500 miles on it since and there have been no problems. Do a search

Hotcam wouldn't change a thing if the manual decomp is the one that is sticking. The manual decomp is the one controlled by your little lever, and the auto is built into the cam.

If the little lever isn't springing back, it sounds like the tensioner/return spring on the little lever on the head might be broken. Check to see if the spring is broken. If its not, then check for cable binding.

Where in WA are you?

McCleary, near Olympia. When are we going riding?:thumbsup:

heh, I'm over in ellensburg; the mecca for riding in our state. However, I've always wanted to do capitol forrest...

In all my years of riding, I think I've run into a 650R only once, and that was a long time ago.

I used to ride Cle Elum/Taenum ALL THE TIME. I had a CR250 set up for the woods. I have yet to really ride the XRR on single track but I am looking forward to riding a bunch this year. I need some new upper triples to raise my bars , A larger tank and get a good rear tire and I am good to go. I am 6'5 245 at the moment, so I hope I can make the pig work for me..... I am a good 40 pounds heavier than when I ripped it up on the CR 6 years ago.

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