A great inventor has died.

Yesterday I returned home from school to hear that my (great uncle) Uncle Bill died yesterday.

This news may not come of any signifigance to any of you, but i thought i'd let you know. He was the man responsible for a tool that may be in many of your tool boxes or fanny packs. He was the inventor of the ROBOGRIP , of which he sold the patent to SEARS and CRAFTSMAN. He has (<>had???)another patent on the market which he was selling to SEARS, which i'm sure his son will follow thru with. You can expect to see this tool in stores around the Holidays i have been told. You should have no trouble recognizing it, it has a resemblence to the ROBOGRIP.

RIP Uncle Bill. :)

Lance Warheit


Lance I am sorry to hear your uncle passed. Every time I use my Robogrip I will be thanking Uncle Bill!! What a great tool.


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