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Hey all. Let me start out by saying I am thrilled to have found a site that has a section for my 650r. I know some of you won't care, but I'll give you my story. So I moved to Utah from Boston, sold my Yamaha Vmax and bought a 2000 xr65or with a Baja kit for a commuter/weekend warrior. The guy I bought it from was BIG into trials bikes and was selling his xr because of a baby on the way. Anyway, the bike cosmetically looks, in my opinion, like it came straight from the Baja races. I figure though, because it's been a while off the dirt, I'll probably end up wiping out a few times. Anyway I was really wondering if anybody else on here is in the Salt Lake City area. That being said, thanks for letting me into the club all!!



Welcome to TT. If you have questions about your bike there are answers here.

For Salt Lake riders, go down to the bottom of the forum list and ask in the forum for Utah.

Welcome to the forum Madcow.

Have you ridden the XR on the tar?

How does the power of the 650R compare to that of the mighty V-Max?

I know they are totally different bikes, but a friend had a V-Max and I never got to ride it. He sold it just before I visited him for the first time in years.

Always wanted to ride one. Heard they don't like corners and all.

Smoking up and down a straight stretch of road comparison thing.

Utah must be a big change from B. Town.

Cheers, GO Celtics !!!

Welcome Rab. You will really like the XR for desert riding forsure. Im not in Utah but we are neighbors (Nevada here) so anytime you want to come checkout some really fun riding this way just let me know!


Thanks for the welcome guys. Big Red, I loved my Vmax with a passion. It's true she didnt like corners too much, but I could hang in there and keep up with my brother on his Ninja 1200r decently well. I will definitely own another when Im not living in the city. Thanks again guys

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