2001 YZ426 woods ready?

Are there any major things that need to be done to my bike to get it ready for trail riding? Could I have fun with the stock setup, or would I be fighting the bike like I did with my friends cr250? I'm not looking for a fast woods bike just a user friendly bike to learn on.:smirk:

I TRIED to learn on a 426:eek: was way 2 much bike for me, lol.ride a little wr 250f now and am way happier:ride: but just get some barkbusters, bash plate and radiater braces and the bike should be good 2 go:thumbsup:

well im about 6'1 240 so i need the extra torque. I had a kdx 220 about 10 years ago, but I have not been on a bike that I owned for about 9 years.(maybe a total of 3 hours in the last 9 years) What kind of guards do you think are the best.

I'm 6'4" and have an 02 YZ426F setup for woods and desert. I would just start with adding hand guards, skid plate, radiator guards, and lower gearing. At 6'1" you might feel like your cramped while standing. Start with taller bars first and do the seat and pegs later if you still need more room. A kickstand is nice so you don't have to look for a tree to prop your bike against. The rear disk guard is good if there's a lot of rocks and boulders on the trails you ride. If your still having stalling problems after changing the front sprocket to a 13 tooth consider changing the rear to a 50 or 51. You can add a flywheel weight to mellow out the hit of the motor and get the rear wheel to hook up better. If your budget allows I would get a Rekluse Pro over the flywheel weight. A steering damper really helps and has saved me a few times. The stock suspension is setup for about a 170lbs rider. I would definitely get the suspension setup with off road valving and stiffer springs for your weight at some point.


Hand guards- Cycra Probend w/triple clamp mounts or Bonz mounts

Skidplate- Flatland Racing(aluminum) or Hyde Racing(teflon/co-polymer plastic)

Radiator Guards- Flatland Racing

Lower Gearing- 13 front w/stock 49 rear(for technical single track w/switchbacks)

Optional depending on your height

Tall bars- ProTaper Pastrana FMX

Tall/soft seat- Guts Racing or SDG

Lower foot pegs- Fastway F5 or F6

Nice to have but not mandatory

Kickstand- Pro Moto Billet or Trail Tech

Rear disk guard- Scotts Performance Sharkfin

Flywheel weight- Steathly Offroad or Zip Ty Racing

If budget allows

Steering Stabilizer- Scotts Performance

Auto clutch- Rekluse Pro

Suspension setup for off road w/springs for your weight

thanks man ill be sure to get some of that stuff i am on a budget so ill pick and choose from the list:thumbsup:

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