New to the forum

Like the title says I'm new to the forum and my name is Jason. Live in Tucson AZ and try to get out and ride whenever I can. I started off riding a 1995 YZ250 then added a 1999 XR200R to my collection and then finally my most recent purchase as of 1 week ago was a 1995 XR600R thats street legal, picked it up for $1200 and the bike is amazing.

I had a few questions about XR600, like what am I looking at as far as top speed on the bike? I went riding with a buddy of mine with his Hyabusa and I was doing 85mph in 4th gear without even pushing it that hard.

Also how many quarts of oil do you guys use when you drain and refill the oil?

Hello Zjeep,

Don't know much about a 600 :smirk: I own a XRL650 - buit welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting your XR600, they are great bikes. The oil refill if you change the filter is 1.95 liters ( 2.06 qts).

I think your top speed should be about a true 100 with proper gearing. Oh, and WELCOME!

Thanks for the replys, I did change the oil in it already and put 2 quarts in it just looked a little overfull to me so thats why I was asking but sounds like it should be good. Cant wait to start riding this thing more often on the trails just got to get used to the weight of it:thumbsup:

When the bike sits, the oil slowly drains from the frame into the crankcase, so to get an accurate check on the oil level, the engine needs to be run for a few minutes, then shut the engine down and immediately check.

When the bike sits, the oil slowly drains from the frame into the crankcase, so to get an accurate check on the oil level, the engine needs to be run for a few minutes, then shut the engine down and immediately check.

This seems to be the best method to get a correct oil level measurement.

Welcome to TT zjeep!


ALSO make sure and run it and recheck and dont just add 2qts and say "thats good" make sure your always at the full. Congrats on the SixHundo and welcome to TT brother!!

I cant get over how amazing this bike is, I just put on a brand new rear dirt tire and couldnt help but just look back and watch all the dirt flying everywhere everytime I got on it. I love the sound it makes too with the nice FMF pipe on it. I'll probably end up selling the YZ250 because I enjoy riding this bike so much, wish I would have known about these years ago.

Sorry for the thread bump just felt like shareing how much I love my new bike :thumbsup:

Love your enthusiasm. Welcome to the site.

Welcome to the site. Cograts on the 600.

Whats with the name zjeep? Do you own a Jeep also?

Ya I also drive a jeep, its what I originally used to spend all my money on but have calmed down a lot on it and now started buying bikes...:thumbsup:



Nice! I have a 06 Rubicon.

I didnt even notice you were in AZ, what part? Im down in Tucson AZ, the pic with the water is out on "the gap" trail and the one in the rock garden is out in Florence on "Martinez Canyon"

Welcome,very nice jeep that looks like fun

If you think the XR6 is fun, just wait until you get a 650R!

I had an XR6 w/ a 628 cam in it, and a few other goodies. That bike was fast, and had tons of torque. However, I got my 650R, and this thing will outrun the XR6 all day long.

However, you can't be the old XR for reliability!

Welcome aboard! You're very lucky to be living in a place that has sooo much riding potential. I left Arizona in '98 for a job in Oklahoma. It's mostly flat here and 97% of the land here is privately owned. I grew up in the Cave Creek area before it became a "trendy" place to live. Have fun with the new XR!


Eventually I would like to get a newer 650R but that will have to wait, so for now to me the 600R is awsome.

I definately enjoy living in AZ for riding purposes but cant wait for my last year in the military to be up so I can head back up to NorCal, I miss it up there.

You must have some tall street gears to be able to go 85mph in 4th without revving its guts out. I was able to take my 600 up to ~96.6mph WFO in 5th and I practically had my chin on the tank. I also had about a 15mph crosswind, so maybe I could have gone faster. It probably looked weird with my bike leaned over about 10 degrees into the wind, yet going straight ahead. :thumbsup:

With a stock 600, I would expect the top speed to be in the lowish 90s.

Well my sprockets are 14/45 not sure what stock was on these things but it was doing 85 cruising next to my buddy on his Hyabusa and I was only in 4th gear.

What would you guys recommend for getting the bike to pull the front tire up easier? Right now I can pull it up cruising in second but have to put a lot muscle into it pulling back and would like it to be a little easier and not use so much effort. Should I just get a 15 tooth front sprocket?

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