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Ya I also drive a jeep, its what I originally used to spend all my money on but have calmed down a lot on it and now started buying bikes...:thumbsup:



Killer! You should be able to rip right through that on a dirt bike.

A 15t front will make your gearing even worse for carrying the front wheel. I would say look at a 48-50t rear, but make sure your chain is long enough. If the chain and sprockets are worn a fair bit already, you might as well replace the whole lot. Another option is a 13t front sprocket, but that will be pretty tough on the chain.

So I finally got some pictures developed, nothing to special but here is what my bike looked like originally when I bought it...



This is what it looks like now after I removed all the plastics and rattle canned it all black, yes I am cheap and didnt bother to look for black plastics so here is how it turned out I think it looks much better....




And here is some pictures from taking it out this last weekend just playing around doing little jumps trying to get better at ridin a wheelie and the last pic is of a pretty steep hill I climbed 3 times really easy but of course on the 4th run up the hill I was going to fast and launched off the lip of the hill and had to bail off the bike in the air but the bike is okay and started right back up.




Let me know what you guys think of the bike:ride:

I am not a fan of black - but the bike looks really good! have fun with it! they are relaible as a rock, given you keep the oil fresh and the air fllter clean. The XR6 was and is a famous ride in my humble opinion and has to it's great credit and history many wins in the most grueling race of all.

The Baja 1,000. Time and technology moved on and today we have the XR650R and the CRF450X, great machines, but the XR600 is ... well.. just a good looker in my opinion and a fast, reliable and very proven machine.

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