Looking for a car/bike importer dealer or friend

It was just a freakin joke man, nothing more than that and you guys wacked off about a 1/8 of my gas:foul:


i'll take it back, and talk to the admin. you came across like a jacka$$.

my apologies. i just didn't see where you were coming from.

just misunderstanding.

HA guys, I'm not asking for anybody to do paperwork or boarder paperwork?

or any money transferr the bike is paid for already the dealer needs a US person name on the bike first and then they will switch it to my name. Also not try'n to be a pss **s either it that I've spent so much time finding and figuring the boarder stuff out, finding the right bike, mailed the cert chek and then thedealer pops this on my lap?

No, but I laughed my ass off! Joking is not against the rules:ride:Are you French Canadian? Just wondering!

no - 44-- 3 kids 18/14/12

why can't you buy a wr in canada? and what does ohio have to do with it?

not alot of sellection here -- an 08 would be about 9400 OTD in Ontario ---This 06 is only 3 hours from my door---and with all costs involved tax,duty,bike cost,gas, and a 100ucks to helps me it will be about 6300 to my door, --- but I must admitt its alot of my time involed--- tooo much?

Try'n to find somebody to help is giving me bigtime gas from both ends lol.

and I must admit Cunukistan was a grt. burn!!! "A'

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