Raising the bar height for standing position

How many of you have needed to raise the bars to be comfortable in the standing position on the WR450?

I'm trying to improve my riding skills by standing up much more often but the bars feel too low and I'm wondering how many mm's I need to raise them to get comfortable.

I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs.

Seated position everything feels goos so I don't want to screw that position up too much either.

I've got a Scotts submount damper on my '06 and it raised the bars by at least an inch plus I've got Renthal Jimmy Buttons so it feels pretty good standing now. Plus I also added the Fastway pegs which are about 3/4" or so lower and a Guts seat which is taller. With the pegs and the seat in sorta opens up the cockpit a little more when sitting. I've got a set of Renthal Mini Highs that I may add later but it will require longer cables all around.

have someone balance the bike for you and stand on the pegs as straight as you can,then reach your arms out with your fingers fully extended. your finger TIPS should just touch the grips in this position to put you in a proper ride stance;so the difference is what your looking for....i'm 6'3" and usually use +10mm with taller bend bars:thumbsup:

If you want to try a cheaper method than new bars, try some bar risers. I got some from Bierdo at Dirtly.com. They are very nicely made, and come with necessary hardware (longer bolts). Check them out here http://web.mac.com/danoaks/www.dirtly.com/RISERS.html

I've only installed mine, and haven't had a test ride with them yet but I'm sure they will do the trick.

I'm 5'11" and don't know how you tall guys ride with the stock bars. I put on the Pro Taper Contour KX Hi bars. The fatter bars require the universal mounts which raise it up a bit too. I've had two rides with them and it makes a huge difference - much more comfortable standing and my seated position still feels good. You can buy the bars and mounts from the TT store. :smirk:

I installed 1.5" risers and Fastway pegs, in the lowered position, and it positioned my body better. I'm 6', 200lbs, and now I don't have to bend over as much. :smirk:

Good replies men.

My thoughts now are to try this in the following order:

25-30mm bar raisers

If that turns out to be still too low then a higher bend bar.

Finally I may try the lowered pegs if things still feel a bit cramped.

I'm 6'2 and went with the Pro Taper Pastrana FMX bend bars and Moose Racing clamp adapters and its fantastic for stand up riding. I got the tip for this setup from other tall riders on here. The only drawback I see with any taller setup is hillclimbs. During one race last year, with many tough hillclimbs it did make the bike more prone to wheeling so more clutch control is needed. You can't be as aggressive as with lower bars. Have a look at David Knight who at 6'4 sometimes runs stock height bars that allow him to be really aggressive. Because I'm not DK, I'm content with comfort over aggressiveness... :)

Just my $0.02.



Bar risers from Pit Posse are about $20. It makes a huge difference to not have to bend over and reach when standing.

I went with a Scotts sub bar mount and nar risers from BRP. I also run the Pro Taper Windham bar that has a nice rise. I went with the IMS lowering pegs, but I'm not that impressed with them. Each peg sits at a different angle and the left peg has gotten stuck a few times in the up position.

On my '05 I went with the Fastway pegs and liked them. I also went with the GUTS soft/ tall seat and no monkey butt. The stock '07 seat is a terror on me arse.

Go to w w w barrisersonline

I'm 5-9 on an 07 450 and even I feel hunched over on the bars. An experienced mechanic (who rides an 06 YZ) simply added a couple washers under the bar mounts. That may be enough for me. Need to measure as ncmountainman suggested and see where I'm at. I hope it makes a difference. I'm always feeling like I have too much weight on the front end.

I have a set of the tag metals That I like till i had a get off this weekend. The original bolts that hold the mount on the triple clamp were a bit too short. They cross threaded from the force of the impact. I'm going to drill it and put an insert in and reuse it but I'm buying longer bolts. The Tags worked well with my Fastway handguards though.

I'm 6'2" & have fitted Tag Metals T2 bars & with the 7/8" to 1-1/8" bar adaptor it also raised it 3/4". I found it not only opens up the cockpit but makes it much easier to stand up on the bike now.


How much of a rise can you use before you need longer cables?

You can get a set of

Tusk risers for about $20 and they come with 3 different rise options in the kit.

I went with Scotts sub bar mount, it raises the bars about an inch and it houses the damper as well: BTW im 6'0'

You can get a set of

Tusk risers for about $20 and they come with 3 different rise options in the kit.

I got the tusk kit at rocky mountain atv for my 08wr. here are my thoughts.

in regards to the tusk product.

1. the bolts that it comes with will only allow me to use 2 rise option.

2. there is a lot of slop, so you have to keep your bar straight when you tighten the clamps.

3. there is a lot of slop, and I've knoocked the bar crocked a few times.

in regards to raising the bar. this is just my personal experiance, I'm tall.

4. it is easyier to get out of the sadle with the rise.

5. it is more comfortable to ride standing up.

6. :cry: I wheelie out more on climbs now. :thumbsup: that is if I'm not standing.

7. more comfortable going downhill.

:p one final note: as the clamps are raised the bar is also coming back towards the rider. this is because the head tube is not perpindicular to the ground. its a trigonometry thing. would be nice to have a rise , plus offset forward.

I used the "stand and reach for the bars" measuring suggestion by ncmountainman and found that I need about an inch of heighth which I won't be able to get out of a few added washers. I also realized I have my Scotts stabilizer sitting on top of the bar. Decided to go with my only real option which is a Scotts sub mount - moves the stabilizer down and the bars up. Unfortunately this option is not cheap ($200)!


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