Online OEM parts ordering...

I am looking to order an OEM Yamaha YZ tank and seat for my WR. I have been to HLSM (Ronnies) and like the price. However, I have not been able to find any other sites to compare with.

Which sites do you guys use to order OEM parts?

Thanks for the help,


Thanks! You are right, that site does have the cheapest price on the tank, but the seat is more... hummmmmm

Oh well, THANKS!!!



A few months back, I posted a websight that was now selling motorcycle seats. I believe the YZ seat was around $85.00, but it was not available at that time. It may now. This company had been exclusive to mountain bikes and has a very good reputation.


After searching through the archives, I found it - These seats ARE complete w/ the base, just like the IMS seat. When last posted, it required a phone call to get the info. It appears their websight has NOT been updated.

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The YZ seat foam is hard as a brick. I used the IMS base ($43), guts racing foam ($50), and guts seat cover ($45). I am guessing the cost is roughly the same, but given the comfort of the guts foam, if the YZ seat was $25 I still would have purchased the GUTS setup.

Also, I purchased a slightly used YZ tank for $100. Remember, the YZ folks buy larger tanks for desert/enduro use. Their loss is your gain. Check into that to save some cash.

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