Yamaha white plastics?

I was thinking about changing the look on my 06' YZ450 and was wondering about the white plastics? Does the white show more damage than the blue and do they get dirty quickly with stains, etc. after so many rides, do they show the dirt more? Just feel a little uneasy about white plastics but they look great in the show room. One how rides with white plastics care to give me some insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I think the white is much better, for instance when you crash you dont get the white stress marks. Also as far as keeping it clean its pretty easy all you do is use a mr. clean magic eraser and the white stays very clean as long as you dont let it sit dirty.

just make sure you give it some attention after a ride and you will have a good lookin bike. on a personal note.. try to find a chain lube that has minimal cast off, or you will be scrubbin the rear fender alot.

the white stays looking good for a while some times it needs a good scrub to get the dirt out of the scratches but when the plastic looses that shine it still looks good. white seems to hide scratches pretty well also

brillo pads and fine grit sandpaper work to. i love my white. and if you get the polisport plastic or the plastic that one industries gives ya in the kit (which is polisport) it has a gloss agent built in the plastic, so they stay shiney even longer.

Hey thanks guys, I think Iam gonna get the kit from one industries, I love that white and red combination.

I have that kit ordered but it isn't supposed to ship until the 11th. I will post pics as soon as i get it. I also have new brackgrounds that should match up great.

sweet man, I loved to see the pics of it:thumbsup:

White plastics with blue graphics looks great IMO. then again the blue and yellow plastics look great also.

To each his own,At first the white is different and it catches your eye but after a while its pretty boring.The yellow 50th plastic looks way better IMO

white is easy to clean and doesn't look as abused as blue. IMO

I clean my bike right after each ride, the plastic looks almost new, no stains.

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