07 Yz 450

I want to buy some Hand Guards and a Skid Plate Today.

I like the Acerbis RALLY PRO but heard they don't fit well? Any thoughts on this?

I was thinking about the LightSpeed - Carbon Fiber Glide Plate. Any one have one on this bike? How does it fit and look?

I havn't had the chance to ride the bike yet but what do you guys think about the exahust? Should I upgrade.

Thanks for your help in advance.

what kind of riding are you doing? if you are doing alot of offroad then i would reccomend a aluminum skiplate rather then the carbon one. i had a lightspeed on my 07 for about 4 rides. i took it out and my front tire picked up a rock and cracked it. so i ditched it and got the GYTR alum glide plate. wish i would of bought this first.. excellent fit and finish. holds up to great abuse.

as for exhaust.. ride it first then ask. but Dr.d, Mrd, Fmf, and white bros pipes will yeild a good result in good power off the bottom.

I do all trail riding....thanks for the heads up on the skid plate...I was going to buy it because of the looks of it more than anything...but if it cracks I will go with the aluminum.

Dont go with aluminum it will just make a noisy engine noisier, go with a hyde racing plastic skid plate. Bulletproof, i have a lot of rocks hit my plate just bounces off.

Does anyone know if the Acerbis RALLY PRO fit on these handle bars ok?

I am not sure of the rally pro but I do mostly trail riding and the acerbis uniko fit good and there hold up well so far. As far as skid plates I like the works connection aluminum plate, it doesnt stand out but its definitley saved me quite a few times, and with the foam that comes with it installed I've never heard any increase in engine noise, as far as exhaust I have the full titanium FMF with the megabomb and noticed a huge difference, its not really necessary but the stock exhaust just doesnt sound that good! Iam sure everyones plate is good. But if you want excellence get the works! :smirk:

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