YZ timing i finally did it

i figured in the first year i had this bike that i would get used to it and learn how it rides. So in the second year my friend talked me into yz timing it. All i can say is WOW. Glad i did it. But now i want a 426. LOL

I'm thinking of doing this mod but I'm a bit worried about breaking loose of traction

while climbing snotty hills.

I understand that the bike will accelerate better but is it still rideable in the tight stuff.

What jetting changes did you make.?

I found the YZ timming better in helping me correct myself when I get out of shape on big hillclimbs. Better throttle response.

I just went to YZ timing over the winter and WOW this thing pulls as soon as you twist the throttle. No loss of bottom end here.

Pete :)

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