New Graphics

Well, like most others on here, I have had some excess time over the last few months when the weather wasn't cooperating with riding. That and all of the legal riding areas around here are about 60+ miles away.

So to use up some of my time, I decided to replace the stock graphics on my 2000 YZ426. As you can see, they were pretty beat up.


After getting the factory decals off, I couldn't decide if it looked better or somehow even worse than before I started.


I got a set of Flu Designs Graphics off of eBay, and I think that they really look nice. I started with the tank and shrouds.



The only problem area that I had was the right side panel (I did it first) where I couldn't get the whole thing to adhere properly. But, lucky for me, the kit I bought comes with a complete set of black number panels and a black seat cover. Maybe next year I will powder coat the frame and replace the number panels with the spares I now have.





The kit I got also has more graphics for the front fender, upper and lower forks, swingarm, and about a dozen misc decals. I'm not sure if I want to put them all on. I am a less is more sorta guy most days.

The new graphics don't make me any faster in real life (in my mind it is a whole other matter), but the bike looks years newer.:smirk:

Next up is to paint or powdercoat the frame, but that will have to wait until next year. Gotta go get some mud on my new decals.:)

nothing like new graphics to "freshen" up a bike...looks good!

nice improvement..

looks great! Iam jealous.

sweet"I love new graphics"

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