Can you shim the Countersprocket?

Today as I was going through the L I found that the outer edge of the splines are no longer square, but more triangular. Everything is worn the sprocket, shaft and the retainer plate. The bike only has 9,000 miles with the stock sprocket. What could cause this?

Is it possible to shim the countersprocket back further onto the countershaft? When I pushed the sprocket in about the thickness of the retainer plate there was no more rotational play. I am just worried about the chain hitting the case. Has anyone done this? I did a search and it was mentioned, but I didn't find anything beyond that.

I will get some pictures tomorrow.

I did to a friends XR650L. No problems so far

just make sure you have good alignment with the chain, if its off a bit where its gonna make the chain wear on one side of the sprocket more than the other it will chew it up alot faster than normal. not sure how much you wanna shim and move it.

Thinking about using the old retainer plate for the shim, but I just need it to last for a few more months or at least till I get my other bike back together. I do not have the time nor do I want to pay to have the shaft changed at this time.

Treeman, how far did you shim it over?

I have found that same problem .mine fell off and left me stranded .

The shaft was shot so I tack welded a small glob on the end of the shaft.

Don't weld to sprocket though as it should float ,and don't get carried away just a small spot to prvent falling off.

Easily ground off for replacement.

if your only shimming the thickness of the plate for a few months then i wouldnt worry about that.

This is what I did. I bought a 7/8" flat washer from the hardware store. With a small amount of work with a round file, it fit nice & tight. I then put on the retainer, marked where I needed my holes to be & drilled them on my drill press. While trying to figure this out, I found that installing the the sprocket backwards helps offset being shimmed to the inside.

A few days later, We went out on a Hard & Fast ride. When we got back, we inspected the sprocket. It had a little more play in it than we thought it should have. We ended up using 2 thin stainless washers to take up the slack.

Thanks. Ordered a new sprocket will try it out when I get it in.

i run a sunstar counter sporcket. has any of you guys had problems with these?

Everyone stays clear of PBI. The rest are ok. Do a quick search for the other ones people like. I don't remember them all.

If Honda designed the CS to have a little play, then why would you want to "shim" this "play" away? There are many reasons why sprockets wear, you may want to look at the tension (or slack) of the chain, alignment, etc first before trying to correct any wear problems with shims on the CS... my .02..:smirk:

I don't want to shim away the play. I want to shim the sprocket back further onto the shaft. The splines are Fubared where the sprocket is now. The stock retainer plate will still be used to allow the side to side play.

The splines are Fubared where the sprocket is now.

This was the case with my friend's XR650L also

Had the same problem with my 2000 650l w/8k mi. Thought about shimming it but decided to go all the way and replace the countershaft. Quite a project, replaced the clutch while I was in there. It sounds like this is'nt an uncommon problem. I bought this bike used last summer and while replacing the orig. chain and sprockets I found the rear and lower front chain sliders worn almost to nothing, I wonder if that wear caused extra slop in the drive train and contributed to the problem.

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