Where and what to mount front turn signals.

Hey guys, Wher do you guys mount your front turn signals? I know stock they mount to the upper triple yoke, but I do not want to take the screws out of it. If you dont mount to it what do you use to mount the turnsignals and where did you get the supplies from?

Had em two ways, mounted to the sides of the headlight plastic and as a part of the Acerbis handguards.

why dont you wanna mount to the triple? looks or someother reason? ive seen em off the bars downwards but i think as long as there not the oversized stockers they look good about anywhere. I like the shape of these..


yeah theyre the stockers. I said screw it and put them where they originally were. When i buy some aftermarket ones that will mount to my handguards.

You ever seen those on a xrl Denn?

Which look best?

I'm thinkin about heading over to Chapparal in the morning :smirk:

I could use front and back too!

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