01 650r clutch problem

Went riding today and about ten minutes into the ride my clutch would not disengage. I have never tore into a clutch before and was wondering what I could expect. I searched the forum and it sounds like it may be a clutch bushing. Is there anything else it could be. And how bad are the bushings to replace.

The clutch is very easy to access and remove on the XRR...you dont even have to drain the oil to do it.

I'm not sure what your problem is, but I think a little better description would help out....

So you grab a hand full of clutch and nothing happens? Does the pull feel normal? does the lever return as normal?

Pull the clutch cover off and see what you find....it's actually pretty simple in there. Good luck

Same thing happened to my 650r the bushing siezed up. just replace it with a 02 or newer bushing that has the extra oil journal. It was not bad to change at all. I had damage to the basket but the shaft was OK. Get a manual and do it by the book.

Get a manual and do it by the book.

Here ya go if you need a hand with that.

Thanks I appriciate the help. I will tear into it and hopefully have it up ang going for some spring riding.

I have the same exact problem. I got an '01 and the clutch wont dissengage at all. What does the clutch bushing look like?

...nevermind, I pulled it apart and figured it out. She was definately siezed up.

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