Vapor Shift Light & Temp Warning Settings

I finally got the Vapor installed today, but I have no idea what to set the shift rpm and max rpm lights at. I probably wont use them much, but since they are on there I would like to set them. I've searched on the topic and have only found one post on this. Maybe I'm not holdin my mouth right while typing, but I couldn't come up with much info. I did try though...honestly.:)

What are you guys setting these lights to? I haven't installed the temp sensor yet. That will be another rainy day project, but I would like some input on the temp warning settings also. Here are my bike specs:

07 650R

Engine - Uncorked, desmogged, stock internals

Gearing - Stock

Tires/Wheels - Stock

Thanks in advance to all my floppy fendered brethren.:smirk:


I set mine at 6500 and 8000. I am running 15-45 gearing so I can run at 70 mph with out the shift light blinking at me. I have the temps set at 195 and 210 if I can remember correctly. I hope that helps. Tony

I set my yellow light to ride the torque wave at 5500 rpms and redline light at 8000 rpm. I like the yellow light down in the rpm's some to remind me to short shift the beast!

On setting it I feel your pain. The manual does go over it but it is a pain. I have to look it up every time I need to go into program mode.

I never set my RPM setting, since I will never really be bouncing off the limiter to much. Mainly using it for commuting and a couple long day trips. The TEMP setting I put at 200, so when it does come I still have time to get up to speed and get airflow over the rads before it boils over.

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