Getting in shape for motocross riding

I normally ride trails and don't have any problems with my muscles being sore afterwards, but since starting to ride on a motocross track I am sore as can be. At 31 years old I need some sort of workout program so I can ride longer and get bigger air! Any suggestions? My back is killing me and my thighs are burning...

Get in the weight room for strength, build your stomach muscles to help your back.

Look for a topic adressing this very subject. I think it was posted about 3-4 months ago. An entire program was listed...which I dodnt follow anywhere near well enough....I wont be returning to the track following my first real experience on one last saturday. I thought I knew what people were referring to about arm pump. I can ride enduro for hours without feeling anything apart from general fatigue, but 15 minutes on a MX trak at full bore was all my arms could stand. I had to stop...I had visions of AGAIN hanging on for dear life to as I accelerated out of control towards another set of bushes....

having raced mx as an old man, work on your


You will need your back, with discs INTACT, when you get 40+!! :)

Here's my input from the school of hard knocks:

Once you find a program that you like, be consistent. Workout at least 4 times a week (3 for maintenance once you get to where you want to be).

Alternate muscle groups from each work out. Mix up your routine to aviod boredom and ultimately quitting. There's always something else to do instead!

Do not go to the gym for 3+ hours at a time, you will burn out after 2 weeks, I've seen it countless times with others trying to do too much too soon. See paragraph above.

Keep your workouts around 60 minutes and you won't feel obligated to work out. You'll probably start looking forward to it.

I'm 38 and no body builder, however, this is what I found works for me. Follow the basics, drink plenty of water, and stretch. I'm feeling more aches now than back when I used to be bullet proof! It's harder to get back into shape the older we get, it's easier to maintain it once you get it back. Just my $.02 worth, hope it helps.


I have also started to working out for motorcross. I also went with a personal trainer. It helps with the motivation part of it. It's been three weeks and I notice a big differance. Just stay with it.

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