Got my new 08 - love it

Well, after having an 07 WR450 for almost a year, decided to bite the bullet and go back to a YZ (was missing some things too much!). Took delivery in a crate, waited for various aftermarket bits to arrive and finally got it all together and ready to ride. Think I'm pretty darned happy I went back to the YZ (except for the lack of electric boot!). A few pics from the stable

2008 YZ


2007 WR


Happy Together :smirk:

P3020223.jpg I just need to do an oil change, clean the filter and get ready for next weekend

Change the chain first.

yep new chain. I busted mine in half after about three days of getting the bike.

i cant believe that it cant come with a good strong stock chain.

Change the chain first.

Yeah, I already have a new DID O-Ring to go on. Just waiting for a 50 tooth rear sprocket to arrive. The crap OEM will stay on for another week or so.

i cant believe that it cant come with a good strong stock chain.

It could - they WR comes with a decent O-Ring chain as stock. Guess they are hell bent on the weight (as per new stock 120 rear tire to save 300grams) - so provide a basic chain with the YZ.

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