Just turned Blue from Red !

You know what they say, "Once you go blue ,you never go bac........" no that not it . It's black ........what do they mean by that ???? Must be something like .......Oh, oh gross that's disgusting!!:eek::D

Stick with the blue dude, you've made a good choice.:thumbsup:

IM sure you won't be upset. I had a couple of buddies who own XR650's and once they took my wr for a ride, they loved it, I may convert them now too.......

XR's are great machines but compared to the Wr they are a bit tractor like.......but still very compotent off/on roader, i never broke mine once in 4 years and was a doddle to service, the WR is a bit more complex and needs a bit more nursing (more oil changes etc) the grin factor is huge though!:thumbsup:

how did you hook up the heater on the throttle side ? got pics . I've been trying to work that out on mine.

I have tried to take a few pics but it doesnt really show anything,the wire to the heated bit just sticks out of the side of the grip, I have had a look & its just wired to the posative via a fuse & an on off switch .


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