More dangerous, mountain bikes or dirt bikes?

Just wondering what you guys think is more dangerous, mountain bikes or dirt bikes? I have logged thousands of miles on my dirt bike with virtually no injuries. I have also ridden mountain bikes for years and always seem to get more wounded on my mountain bike. Last night I had a good get off on my mountain bike and now have 23 stitches on my face, a black eye and one hell of a rasberry on my knee. Anybody else have similar luck? Eric

Amen, I've got to give the danger factor to mt bikes too. I feel much more comfortable riding hairy trails on the moto, than I do on a mt bike..........

Even though the speed can be, and usually is, a bit slower than moto's, they're still easier to get into trouble on. Less suspension alone means less control.........


Dodger :D:)

Mtn. bikes are more dangerous by a long shot. Less suspension + less protective gear + the same trails = pain. Which is, of course, why they are so much fun. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Do alot of mountainbike riding up in Angeles crest (redbox) !! It is very dangerous just walking the single track yet alone ripping down it on a bike! A few hikers have slipped to there death a couple of times up there! There are alot of rocks(boulders) up there, so you learn to wear all the protective gear you can get your hands on! All my broken bones(10) surgerys (3) are mostly from racing mx, the only bone i broke mountain biking was my ass, fell on a rock :)& shreded my left forearm to the bone. Mountain biking is a little bit more sketchy because it's lighter and you feel the speed ! Nothing like taking the chair lift to the top of snow summit and ripping down the moutain. 6" of travel frt&Rr - Specialized FSR :D

Ive been hurt way more on my MTB than my moto. thing that gets me is there is nothing to grab onto when you get out of shape on the MTB. The bike is so light as soon as there is an issue your doing a superman into the dirt.

You know,I love all bikes, but recently I have cut down on the MTB. It just feels so sketchy after riding my WR. I ride alot on the road bike(300-400km's a week). I save the MTB for the fall when it's getting cold on the road bike. I've found the road bike to be better training. I ride a lot of technical terrain on my WR(single track, steep ugly downhills, drops, etc.) I find when I go back to my MTB it's nowhere near the fun factor of the WR. It's just exercise. My .02 worth

Peace Peace

I used to ride MTB several time a week for years. In fact, for three years in a row I had a summer season lift pass to Snow Summit. I got out of it when I started riding dirtbikes and now when I get back on a MTB it's scary as hell. I can't believe how I used to bomb down gnarly down-hills, it feels crazy out of control compared to a dirtbike. Now I only use the MTB to ride mild cross county type trails for exercise with my girlfriend.

I really enjoy riding my bicycle. But, to ride it off road like we ride our motorcycles would scare the living hell out of me.

We should set -up ride at snow-summit ! Before it's closed for skiing, Anyone interested in setting up a ride? I think that riding both mx and mountain biking helps-out one another!

who wants to peddle up a hill when you can rip up a hill. Now mountian bikes with 426 motors lol that would be an adventure.


Mountain biking helps alot on tight sinlge track. Another topic on TT is about riding style. Standing is no problem if you ride bicycles. Pedel up the hills! Only wozzies ride the chair lift up the hill. It does seem scary to go bombing down some trail with only shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Bicycle helmets are only good for one big hit before replacement. I've had to buy my share of helmets.

Hmm, now let me think about this...uhh mountain biking=more there any doubt?

I MTB a lot too, but the guys are right about moto suspension/weight, and breaking being huge factors for saving face(in your case literally).

But I will say that I think on some sections of downhill, MTB guys go way faster. Sure average speed on a moto is higher, but I know a lot of moto guys around here who talk about the crazy MTB guys who pass them like nothin' on some knarly trails.

However, I'm all about the extra benefits of moto cause I get beat up on my mountain bike too. But no 20+ stichings yet...ouch

I think road and MTB cycling is great excersize, fun with the babes, and a great way to save the gas for moto weekends :)

Heh, whatever it is, in the end...Just Ride It!!

Mountain biking is more so than dirt bikes. I had a get off where the seat broke off exposing the seat rails. when i got off the groung my buddy said hey you got blood running down your leg. When i lifted up my shorts i saw the inside of my leg falling out. the seat rail went in my leg just above the knee ripped about 6in across. :) It took about 50 stitches inside and out. But i still ride as much as i can. if im not on my wr im out on the kona.


We should set -up ride at snow-summit ! Before it's closed for skiing, Anyone interested in setting up a ride? I think that riding both mx and mountain biking helps-out one another!

I'm sooo down with that D!! I'm riding to Laughlin this weekend then the Elsinore gp is the following weekend but after that let's go....

Oh, and to answer the question regarding which is more dangerous, Mountain Biking for sure!! Just the thought of crashing my bike on a down hill scares me...... No protection.

As a kid, I actually had a head injury on my bicycle. The older ones had almost no brakes or anything. Nowdays, the m/c has to be considered more dangerous. More speed, more weight, etc.

New mountain bikes are unreal. I feel they are as advanced as a YZ 450 or anything else. They are light, have great brakes and a lot of gears. You dont even ave to be in great shape to have fun. Anyone that does not own one should!

Bman- I didn't buy my bike to get in shape, i bought it to have fun!!!

I pedel up alot of hills, You can pedal as much as you want! I have a DOWNHILL bike thats weighs more than you head! Why don't you join this WUSSIE on the chair and see who's first coming down the moutain.

Dan - Let me know when you want to go!


Got your goat did I. Let's both start at the bottom, pedel all the way up and see who is first back down.

If the Angles forest ever reopens lets go for a ride. How about the first TT mtb ride. Looks like Dan is in.

Going riding with Socal this Saturday. You would be more than wecome to tag along.

P.S. No pedeling involved

Bman- We could do Redbox if it's open or let's set-up a trip to Snow Summit when Dan L can make it! Have at least 4 others that would go! Would love to hit the trails with you ,but i'm doing a poker run out in Cal-City this weekend. Do you hit any tracks?


Last time I checked Redbox was located in the Angles National Forest. All of the forest is closed. Can't mountain bike, hike or be in the forest. I checked, my MTB doesn't shoot out any sparks. The Forest service can't be too careful. My yellow labs that run when I ride do like to play with matches.

Really pisses me off we pay triple to use the forest with the Adventure pass demo program, Green sticker money and property taxes. Now you can't even be in the forest until two inches of rain or two feet of snow.

When I called to bitch at the Forest Service they said the would extend my Adventure pass for the time the forest was closed. Waahoo!!!

I know they closed it down,but i rode up there about 6 weeks ago?

As far as the adventure pass bought one in 2000 ,but did not buy anotherone for this year! They already get my money for that, if you get a ticket, i don't think they inforce it or you can fight it! Redbox is above swizters falls and is roughly 18-20 miles back to JPL, great single track,with alot a stream crossings in the winter. It would be cool to get a ride going or up to Snow Summit!

Dan - what would you be up for Redbox(angeles forest) or up to Big Bear(summit)?

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