More dangerous, mountain bikes or dirt bikes?

I have to go against the norm here dirt bikes are way more dangerous!!! I have raced MTN bikes since 89 and never had a really serious injury. I have run some of the nastiest downhills both nationals and worlds, but Jumping huge doubles on a dirt bike and ripping down single track at 70+ gets the pucker factor way up. :D I feel more comfortable jumping a 40' double on my downhill bike than the 426. With a MTB if things go bad you can just let go, and you don't have to worry about 260 lbs coming down on you. Also no matter how hard I try, I haven't been able to break the 65mph mark on my bike, on the WR all I have to do is twist the throttle. Can you smack a tree at 75-80 on a MTB, I think it would be hard.

Bigdesto, I live in a weight weenie town all I hear is how real bikers ride up and that climb is Bitchen. So I just smile and think to my self: :D

If they don't know the feeling they will never understand!

Right bman.


IMO it depends on what you are doing. Desert racing is more dangerous by a long shot than typical (not pure downhill) mtn biking. MX is safer for the small crashes, but the big one is around the corner for all of us. I mtn bike way more than I dirt bike, and I am constantly getting scrapes and bruises. The only potentially fatal accident I ever had on a mtn bike was at the 24 hrs of Moab mtn bike race, when I hit a rock face at high speed in the dark (unusual circumstances). I have had several crashes/close calls on my dirt bike where I go "wow that could have been major!" I think trail riding is comparable.

The most dangerous is road bicycling, because of cars. I used to ride 6000 miles a year on a road bike, MANY close calls with cars. My only broken bones were because of cars. Several crippled friends. I have kids now and I don't road bike much any more. There is 2 tons of instant death passing you a few feet to the left all day long. There are chicks with cell phones in their ear, guys with too many beers, and old people squinting through dirty windshields. Talk about uncontrollable danger. Like swimming every day in SF bay with a bloody fish head tied around your neck. NO THANKS!

Neither, The most dangerous thing on the planet is the wrong woman.

WOZZEL'S ?? What the hell is a WOSSEL?? Never heard of a wossel before! But I bet I can figure it out! :blush:SoCal

Hands down road biking is the most dangerous. I only road 60 miles one time and I had a couple of close ones, including some wanker throwing a full pop can at me. Never did it again.

I ride my MTB a lot, both x-country & downhill and I have had many get-offs including broken teeth, wrists, inumerable scrapes, gouges, pokes & twists but so far nothing too serious with my WR, however I would still maintain off road motorbiking is more dangerous.

Yes on a motorbike you wear more protection (usually) but you go nowhere near as fast, on average. It is far easier to get beyond your limit on a motorbike - one twist is all it takes. An MTB weighs max. 15kg (35 lbs) when (if) it lands on you. When another bicycle runs over you you have anout 100kg slamming into you, on a WR 200kg. The long and short of many people die or are crippled from riding an MTB off-road? And off-road motorbikes?

Road bicycling is pure hell. I dont know how you guys in England do it. Small roads, huge congestion, bad weather, and guys on bicycles wearing orange reflective strips to avoid getting smooshed. No thanks.

They both have serious injury potential and of course it's all a matter of how you ride and what gear you wear. I think that the odds of getting injured are higher on a mountain bike, especially if you jump or ride very fast or rocky sections. They have a high center of gravity due to the rider weighing more than the bike. Also, the wheelbase is very short and the steering is very quick. The handling is squirrley at best. Finally the lack of protective gear, especially in the face and joints is bad. Many Mtn bikers don't even wear a helmet despite routinely going 30+ mph in downhill sections. The most common serious injuries that I have encountered have been on a mountain bike.

read a tidbit somewhere once, roughly 7000 people a year die by falling down stairs in their homes.. if any of you know or have heard the name Randy Renfrow, a superbike racer, did just that.. fell down the stairs of his parents home, hit his head, then died in the hospital.. so.. ANYTHING can be dangerous. but i vote for MTBs.. they may be slower, and not as fast (at least up hill, i have hit 50mph downhill at big bear..) but just for those reasons, i think we don't give them as much respect, then we get bitten.. happened to me and my friends many times.. though, always fun to talk about it after the wounds heal...

During the TT trip we did in September we went to Gunnison to ride. 11 of us, all on unfamiliar terrain, and barely a scratch at days end. As we are loading up a mtn biker was hit and killed by a car 100 yds from our parking lot. He was still on the pavement.

wow.. that sucks.. but that just proves another point, cars don't give any respect to motorcycle OR bicycles.. (i ride a zx9 as well) when on the road, ride, not like the wind, but like you are invisible..

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