newbie here

Good morning!

Finally decided to register today. I have pulled a lot of very useful information from TT, and wanted to thank you all for your input.

I had been riding a modified TTR250F which was a lot of fun, but finally stepped up to the WR426F. I'm still breaking it in, so I haven't done the throttle stop mod yet or change to YZ timing. Like others have said, I think it is fun to change one thing at a time and see what a difference it makes in the overall performance.

One problem I have is that the LIGHTS are not working. I have no power to the switch so I suppose it is either the relay or the CDI. I guess since it is still under warranty I can take it back to the dealer, but what a drag.

Anyone have any similar problems?



I know you'v probably checked this, but did you check the two wires under your seat, on top of you air intake box to make sure they are connected? Just make sure the two wires are plugged in to the same colors.... :):D

You may have a short..check the banjo bolt on the top of the rear brake cyclinder. The electrical contacts on mine rubbed the frame and shorted out the whole light system, brakes and all. A quick wrap with electricians tapes and a rubber pad sorted that out !


I know I looked at those wires...(blue and yellow I think) and it seemed they were connected properly but it never hurts to double check.


I'd hate to see a short on a brand new bike, but it could have been built on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon!

Thanks for the help, I'll let you know what I find.


Breaking it in?!?!?!?! You're supposed to do that?

Welcome to ThumperTalk...

You will find a ton of info here to help you with your new bike, and if you don't find what you are after using the search facility, then just ask - plenty of knowledgeable people are reading and posting every day.

it sounds like you need to take of the tank and visually inspect the wiring loom for loose connector, or pinched wires. be systematic and you will discovery any problems.

Good luck,


Well, the lighting problem turned out to be a very easy fix! I removed the shrouds, seat, and tank and started tracing the wiring and BINGO. One of the connectors was un-done. Plugged it in, and was even confident enough to fully assemble the thing. Fired her up (second kick....I'm getting better) and now we've got lights.

It's always a good feeling to me to make sure everything is in proper operating order. Thanks for the replies, this is a great forum.

A couple of my friends stopped by last night, and one of them just had to sit on the WR after I got done putting her back together. Later, he was standing there looking it over and says..."Those things don't even interest me anymore." To which I responded..."Then why were you sitting on it with that big grin on your face?" He just smiled and shook his head 'cuz he knew he was busted!

Have a great weekend.


Did you pull off the swingarm and linkage and grease it up,also the steering head bearings have almost NO grease either! Your dealer should have cut the throttle stop for ya.As for the YZ cam timing,I have been told that the WR ignition MAP is not the same as the YZ and dont function as well as stock the timing.(save your money)for a good set of'll need them soon!

The amount of grease put into a brand new bike is pathetic! the manufacturers should be ashamed!!!!!

Alrighty then! Did the throttle stop mod more short shifting required. Talk about a night and day difference! I've got a lot of miles to log before I even consider changing the cam timing. I already ditched the stock bars for some aluminum answer's and had a great time riding yesterday for about an hour.

Hope to get some more miles in this week.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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