Idiot carb mistake!

Alright, looking for your wisdom to fix my stupid mistake... I'm rejetting my carb, and opened the top to change the needle clip position, and as usual I twised the throttle a little bit to bring the needle up in the carb and I twisted too far, and now I'm stuck at WOT and it won't go down... How do I unlock the WOT now??? :smirk:

Any help would be appreciated.

The Idiot

is the needle not going back in the hole ? if so just pull the throttle and aim it in there with your fingers .

im sure thats not whats wrong but its the most basic thing i can think of , and i have never had this happen to me .sorry im not more help

The needle went back in, and I put the throttle stop back on top as well. But the whole thing won't go down now. Actually, if I twist it completely to WOT the needle with the (??? slide) will drop but the two arms won't go down... If it makes any sense. You know what, I'll just take a picture and post it...

Here is the carb with the needle and (slide???) at the top

Here it is again but when I drop the "slide" and the needle down...

Any ideas?


Take the throttle cable pully cover off the side of the carb........ see if anything is binding. Also, you might want to remove the needle while you figure this out, just to make sure you dont damage the tip. I think you should also be able to pull the slide out.

It would be alot easier for you to just pull the carb off the bike.....


Thanks Jesse for the tips. I took the side cover off and nothing is binding. I'd like to take the carb off but I can't take the throttle cables off the pulley because the cables are tight... they're locked at WOT. My guess is maybe the spring on the pulley jumped or something? But I can't do anything since the carb is still on the bike... :smirk:

Any other ideas?

Ok, I finally managed to get the carb off, and it doesn't seem to be binding anywhere but seems like its stopping at the wrong point. I shot a video of it... Have a look. The Throttle shaft arms won't go down.

Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated.

Yep, I just figured it out!! It was the push rod link lever that hooked. Just pulled it up with a screw driver, and it went down! Sweet. :smirk::) Now I understand what can happen if there is no throttle stop screw, although it would be tough for the throttle to get stuck like that since the carb cover would stop it.

Thanks for letting me brainstorm while bouncing ideas off of you.



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