yz426 stator replacement? DIY or dealer??

I will be receiving a wr426 stator and flywheel this week to put on my yz426. The kid I purchased the bike from said he had tried to replace it before but that when you take the stator cover off all sorts of wires spring everywhere. I can't imagine this is the case though. Is the stator replacement something I should be able to do? I'm mechanically inclined but don't have any dirtbike experience (just cars and streetbikes).

If I were to take it to the dealer--and I really don't want to-- how many hours of labor would be reasonable for this job?

Thanks for the help!

LOL, no, the wires do not spring everywhere. They are held in place by various clamps. It is very important though, you route the wires correctly and not pinch them. Also, use a little ThreeBond on the wire grommet.

It is a one hour job, max.

Thanks. Is it something that can be put in various orientations or will the new stator/flywheel go in only one direction? Does the orientation of this directly affect the spark and timing similar to a distributor?

Should only go in one way...the three screws that hold the stator to the case are not symmetrical, and the flywheel is obviously keyed. If in doubt, about stator orientation, the wires go toward the top (not trying to be a smart ass here). Because te WR puts out AC voltage to power the lights as well as DC for the CDI, I'm pretty sure you will need a WR voltage regulator as well as the stator and flywheel...or an aftermarket one like Trail Tech or Baja Designs if you want DC.

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