2006 YZ450 Ready Racing Filter Issue

I just installed a Ready Racing stainless oil filter. I searched the forums and it looks like I installed it backwards. I used it the first time yesterday at a race and during practice my bike just lost all power about three times. I also noticed oil coming out from the bottom of the Ready billet cover. How the oil came out is unknown to me. I replaced all three small o-rings and the big o-ring when I installed the filter and cover the night before. Do you think that the pressure from the filter being installed backwards would cause this? I hope the engine is ok. I put two motos and a practice on it this way.



The Ready oil filter cover that you are obviously using lacks the extended tab that Yamaha puts on theirs to prevent the filter from being installed backwards. (It's a fundamental principle in automotive engineering that if a mistake is possible, someone will do it) It is also true of this little of bling that the oil passages are smaller than the stock one, and that the sealing ring grooves don't fit the O-rings very well.

By installing he filter backward, you cut off the oil feed from the pump through the filter cover to the rest of the lube circuit. The results could be really very bad.

Thank you, I turned the filter around and put the stock cover back on.

I rode it down the street today and it seems to be ok. No weird noises and no more oil leaking from the cover. This is a good testimate to how good the Motul oil is that was still in the top end before I cut off the oil supply.

I found the cover leaked on my 426 because the o ring was too small for the new RR cover

I found the cover leaked on my 426 because the o ring was too small for the new RR cover
Which means the cover wasn't made correctly. In my opinion, which is, as always, notoriously humble, it's a piece of crap.

I agree, I'm back to the stock cover. I just hope the engine holds together after installing the filter backwards. I'm going to pull off the valve cover to check the cam, rockers etc just in case. Thanks for all you help Grayracer :thumbsup:

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