Rekluse front axle

In stalled a Rekluse adjustable front axle on my 04 WR450. I rode about 50 miles with it today. I am very happy with what it did for the bike. I moves the wheel back to quicken up the steering.Love it. For me,it made the front end feel lighter and able to hook turns much easier.Sometimes I mess with things and they turn out worse than what I had.Not this time. Im really diggin my bike.

i like the idea of this, did you really notice any difference? i have a Rekluse Zstart auto clutch on my 05 WR450, which i love.

I had my doubts when I bought it.The axle adjustment only is a small amount in either direction.And Im not a fast enough rider to notice a small change like this but I was wrong in this case.Yamaha should have made the bike with this rake.Im on the East Coast so the trails can be tight, but on yesterdays ride, I noticed no problems on the whooped out fireroads as far as head shake or anything. Has anyone ever seen triple clamps made for this bike with 2 degrees less rake?

The downside is that I couldnt use the mechanical speedo spacer. I have a magnetic pickup anyway for mine.And that wheel changes are a little more complicated now.No more just poking the akle through and tightening it up.There is another step or 2 now.

For how much I like it, I would buy one again. I dont think every bike would benefit as much as my 04 WR did.

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