Man what a completely AWESOME place to race....This was without a doubt one of the best all around places to race on planet earth....Major Hill Climbs, Deep Ravine's, Creek Beds, Tight Single Track, Giant Whoops, Rocks (I have never seen so many rocks in my life), Beach Front, Wide open areas, plenty of passing lanes, and a Motor Cross Track.

My butt was completely drained at the end of this race....But man what a rush. There must have been 500 riders on the line for the Sunday morning races. 100's of crashes...I laughed my A$$ off all day long, the woods were littered with riders that just gave up and pulled over....it was a little warm at 86 degrees, but there was a great breeze and not alot of dust.

STUMPSTER....dude, you should have gone...Zero rain Fri, Sat, or Sun....The weather Channel really screwed up the forcast on this one. I gotta see this on on the OLN network and Speed vision, TV cameras were everywhere.

SPARTA KY GNCC...in two weeks.....

Who has a good remedy for throttle thumb blistering....Man...I ripped the skin off my thumb again , even after using two band aids....

Bonzai :)

Sounds like a sweet race....As far as the thumb blisters go, you need to lighten your grip. You don't need a death grip man :D , Let the bars have a tiny bit of "float" in your hands :)

Mitch... have you seen some of the trails at a GNCC... sometimes you NEED a death grip. :D

'Kaze, I couldn't have taken it this weekend. I was out of town for work last wed-fri and I am out of town from mon-wed this week... I needed the weekend near home (Tennessee ain't near home). I'm probably done with GNCCs this year, as I don't have the travel or the money in my budget. :) My buddies and I did get a couple of miles of new trail cut, though, so It was not a complete loss of a weekend. We have a pretty good test loop coming along... about 3.5 miles (so far) with some fairly tight woods, a motocross section, and some more open 4-wheeler trail in the swamp... should be good for training when we get done.

Haven't seen them yet, but hope to some day. Will let you know about blisters, I know what you mean, sometims you just gotta hold on for all your worth :)

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