Sexy New Lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit I found her sexy right from the start, she was sleek and thin, I couldnt resist her. I kept thinking about her and finally asked to her to go for a ride. Yes I am talking about the new Honda CRF 450. My buddy just got one and it blows my 2000 WR away. After many inline drags the CRF would just keep pulling away big time. Its so much lighter too. I would get on my bike and think man its heavy and slow, my only consulation is my buddy is slow so I can still whoop up on his ass.

Any one heard any rumors on a new Yamaha to compete with this madness. I love my WR but now question it.

I too must also agree after riding one last Sat afternoon at Loretta's. Man Yamaha need's to get it's act together soon. I love my WR....but it is a heavy Pig compared to the Honda...

Bonzai :)

I dunno. I rode one about two months ago. It was by NO means thinner, the YZ seat/tank & frame is still thinner. The CRF was indeed lighter, but I have to say I wasn't bowled over by it. It didn't feel as light as the KTM' me anyway. Now compared to a stockish WR it would feel very different, but to a YZ? The guys bike I rode had the EBC oversized rotor...that was the biggest thing I came away noticing and the first thing I said when I got off the bike..."killer brakes man!" I mean ONE finger (two you could probably stoppie.) Can't wait to see what Yamaha counters with though!!

I find it hard to plan mods for my WR, when there are better choices right out of the crate > CRF, 250F, '03 WR(?), K-Toomers and would love to try a C-Dale! :)

I know the feeling-brand new wr426 and the thought of the bike I waited so long for being obsolete before I even finish seting it up is very painful. Mark

They may all blow up yet, its pretty unusual for honda to make such dramatic changes like that

Once you go Red, you want to take her to bed, right Opie? :)

There will always be a newer, lighter, improved motorcycle coming out year after year. A Honda, Yamaha, KTM or whatever. If you want to consistantly be on the leading edge, you better be rich. All I know is I'm really happy to be riding a machine as smooth, powerful and fun as the Yamaha 400.

I have a 2002 WR426. WR timed. A friend of mine has a CRF. I still like my WR and think its a better woods bike. There pretty close power wise. I kept mine WR timed, because every time I twist the thottle the front wheel points to the sky. He's a much better rider than me so it hard to tell which is faster in the woods. I love to add a pipe or change the timing but don't know what to do with more power?

I agree with Joel Gibson. I'm very happy with my 98 wr 400 and I plan on keeping it for a lonnnnngggg time.

Are we comparing the WR to a CRF, or the YZ to the CRF? The WR is obviously intended to be used outside of the motocross track and mine even has a hard time keeping up with a YZ250 (2-stroke) off the line. But when the bike is let loose in the desert or on a high mountain trail, it kicks but! I couldn't even imagine taking a CRF or YZF on a 4 hour desert ride without some modifications that come stock on my WR. So, for the time being, I'll keep using my WR until I get the urge to hit the motocross track on a regular basis.

By the way, the CRF is a great looking bike. If I was attracted to the motorcycle's looks, then I would have to take the CRF.

My letter from Gina Dubach on the 2003's:


The guys on TT are dying to hear something OFFICIAL on the 2003 WRF/YZF.

Could you please post on the WRF400/426 and the YZF400/426 forums when Yamaha OK's Doug to disclose all the info? So many of us are waiting to hear. I think quite a few guys want to jump ship to Honda and KTM, due to the weight difference alone in their bikes... :-(

We'd all appreciate it!!

Kevin D. Lysdahl

WRF400 Owner

KTM Forum Moderator


I am sorry, I do not know when Doug will be able to release any info that he

knows. He does not tell me anything...I have a big mouth...! :)

I am sure once it is Ok for him to say anything all the dealers will know by

then. Check with your local dealer in June. I believe this is when they

have introduce the new years bikes. Please do not take my word on this time

frame, but you could call your dealer.


Well said Joel (Gibson). I rode a CR450Fto weeks ago, but how can someone compare that bike to the WR. It should only be compared to the YZ. A WR is not set up for Track riding. Sure it is heavy, -thanks to Honda for making a light thumper - but how much would Honda's CR450F weigh if they added the 3.2 tank, light system etc?

I go on long rides that take you places, and those events say - No headlight...No ride! (just for safety measures in that you don't make it back to camp by dusk.)

Two different bikes in my opinion.

What in the world are you talking about "A WR is not set up for Track riding." Many of us have been MX'ing our WR's for years......Hell...My WR Kicks A$$ on the MX track as well as in the woods.

The WR is a RACE bike...Not a play Bike. The suspension and the Frame are the same as it's YZ cousin. You need to look at the specs for each of these machines before dismissing it.

This sure looks like a WR400 Chasing down a YZ426 on the MX track too me.....


And a WR400 and Several YZ's in a GNCC Race...They both look pretty versitile too me...


Bonzai :)

Bonzai.........I believe that is me passing you on that jump.....or, was that the day at Copperhead that you were in Jumping training?????????? :)

YEP, Thus the term Chasing your Goat smellin Butt Down..... But remember it was said here....WR's arn't designed to MX......I THINK NOT.....Oh wise Jump Instructor....

Bonzai :)


Obviously, the WR can be modified for racing the MX track. But, out of the box the CRF and YZF are both ready for action without spending any extra dough in tanks, seats, pipes, etc., not to mention performing all of the mods like YZ timing, throttle stop, etc, etc, etc...

And... as I said above, riding my buddies YZ250(Two Smoke) is like riding air with power compared to my WR. The bike is very light and easy to throw around when compared to my WR.

I also believe that it was you who stated

Man Yamaha need's to get it's act together soon. I love my WR....but it is a heavy Pig compared to the Honda...
and that is my point regarding the WR's MX potential.



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