Does anyone make custom decals for their bike? If so, what do you use?

I've made us flags, and our groups logo. There are not many items you can't do. Use printer software to develop your decal artwork. Unless you have a very high resolution printer don't go bigger than 8X10 inches. Print your artwork on photo paper that has adhesive on the back. Use the highest resolution setting if want a very clear decal. If it is for outdoor use, buy some clear laminate stock with adhesive on the back. Most dirtbike supply stores have it and some office products stores do also. Place the face of your decal onto the adhesive side of the clear laminate, Trim the laminate so it about 3/16 of an inch bigger than your decal. Stick it to whatever you want it on. The clear laminate keeps moisture from running you printer inks. You must make the clear larger than the decal to keep moisture from getting to the ink through the edge of the photo paper. Round the corners to prevent peeling. If what your sticking it to can absorb moisture the decal with eventually run the inks.

Can you show us some pics to see how they come out

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