Help 2001 WR 426

Hey guys,

I have been ridding this bike for about 3 years and it is virtually stock and i am looking for some ways to put more grunt and speed into it.

The things that i have already done is the grey wire trick, jetting, airbox mod, and the baffle out of the pipe.

I am 18 and in college full time and only have a part time job so money is a factor for me.

OH YA and do the fork bleeders really help save your fork seals?

I also have a 01 wr426, i have the yz timing mod done to it, makes a huge differance in the accelleration, hits way harder, and its free.For moe speed you could try a smaller sprocket on the back, but thats going to rob power. I just bought a 05 wr450 and the 426 puls way harder with the yz timing mod than my 450.

+1 for yz timing. Get hot cams or stock cam for 03 yz 450 and loose the decomp. lever. Also the o-ring mod to the accelerator pump actuator is a cheap modification. I'm pretty good about just bleeding the air from my forks myself.

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