I have wanted to try this for a while and really got motivated after reading the MXA article on Dr.Ds bike. He has a coil-on-plug setup. Anyway, my bros R6 has coil-on-plugs and uses the same plug as the 426 so I tried it out. It wouldn't go in, the frame is in the way. I tried for a while with no luck. I'm guessing Dr.D ground his frame or has a different type of coil that fits better. The R6 unit looks like it will fit great if you could get it in there. Much lighter than stock coil. If anyone has the skinny on how to make this work please tell. I will revisit later, but I had limited time to experiment as my bro wanted his coil back.


Remember that the coil has to match the output and OHM rating of the bike. Dr. D used that stick coil off a Suzuki GSX1300-R Hayabusa, and it might be diff. then the R6's. And I doubt he modified the frame to get it in.

When I saw that pic in the magazine I thought for sure it was off an R6, it looks identical. I pulled one off the R6 but I ran into the same problem you did... won't clear the frame and it's too long as well.

Ohms won't be a problem for me. If it fits I can make it work.

If anyone has access to a hayabusa coil can you please try to cram it in your WR/YZ and let us know how it fits.


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