Australian Riders?

I lived down under about 10 years ago for a 6 month period. I remember seeing kangaroo skins for sale (then about $80 australian). When I got home, I remember seeing a kangaroo skin seat cover on a dirt bike. Do any of you guys who live in Australia have any connections to kangaroo skins? I am putting on high seat foam and think a kangaroo cover might me cool, and function well too. My bike would hop over the hoops then.

Most of the Roo's I have seen lately want to keep their skins and I must say I have never bought one thought there are plenty of Australiana type shops that sell that type of stuff - check out these links:

Years ago as Jackaroo's a couple of us tanned some roo skins and made bike seat covers with them but there were a few complications:

without sewing they don't really fit - especially on a modern shaped seat

you need a fairly big roo skin

they wear out pretty quick - the fur comes off pretty quick then the leater deteriates.

They might look pretty schmick though.


I was just down there last year visiting family. Went out to a farm and did some shooting. I could have brought you some back. I think our best night shooting was about 23.

If you are looking for a gripper type seat, then go for a crocodile skin... :) Let me know, and I will go out the back and catch one for you... :D

Might try


Of course when you shot that 23 you had tags for all of them! Even though there are loads of the buggers they are protected throughout Aust. The commercial boys get around 60 on a good night but not for skins, mainly for petfood and a growing human consumption export market.

You could have brought one back but you would need 14 days in tanning fluid, a couple of days to dry followed by many hours "breaking" the skin in order for it to be much use.

I like the croc skin idea - I am gunna have some sweet croc skin boots one day but have never thought of a seat cover.

My girlfriend is going to be in Adelaide for a couple of weeks this November. What would be the odds that somebody would be able to take her for a dirtbike ride?

She rides a Yamaha XT250, but she will not be bringing the bike.

Crazy question, but she would really like to ride while she is down there.


Its legal to shoot the roos on your own property. Farmers are allowed to shoot with out a liscense on their own property. my wifes uncle has a 20000 acre cattle ranch, and they go out regulary to thin the herd as it may be. They consider the roos to be a pest. They say that for every 100 acres of grazing land you need 10 for the roos. Not to mention all the fences they have to repair, because they knock them down. and don't forget all the work the smash repairs get for road kills.

Outback Australia - the only place where a WR426F comes from the dealer standard with a spotlight and rifle holder... LOL

Could be a new tourist venture, night riding and shooting trips... Who's interested? :)


It's actually only in the home of Bundy that you get the rifle holder - just in case you see them bears rolling around.

Not sure about being allowed to shoot the buggers (we aren't on our properties) bit they sure are a pest.

It is interesting in the indigenous communities where the roos's are a food source - they say 1 camel = 35 roo's , 1 cow = 7 roo's etc and want to keep the roo's.

We say 1 roo eats grass and it is a pest.

The biggest problem we really have is hitting them on the road hence the old roo-bar is pretty common.

Hi Brandon,

im in Adelaide but cant ride at the moment cos of twisted knee, but all the lads at Coast Yamaha go riding most weekends(mostly just trail stuff) and are a nice bunch (local number is(08)8382-5581). but cos of insurance stuff you'll probably have to get a loan bike from Show & Go motorcycles (08)8376-0333. if your girlfriend gets lost here or runs into any problems i can try and help out my names Lachy and my number is 8374-2333.



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