Anybody been MXing thier BRP?

I've been getting the itch to take my BRP 5 miles up the road and play around on the local MX track during practice night. Anybody been MXing thier BRP and might have suggestions on setup and riding techniques. I haven't raced for about 10 years and the glory days were on my CR500.

Hmmmmm, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all. Heavy, turns like a dump truck, jumps like an elephant. What does BRP stand for again?...Oh, yeah.

Screw it! If they can race BRPs at the 24-hour of Glenn Helen, I should be able to last 6-8 laps at the local track. What the hell, it's only bones and cartilage. It'll heal. :)

I took my XR-600 on a MX track and after one lap got the hell out of there. It jumped like the Queen Mary and in the air had a mind of it's own (scary) The bike is not in it's element, and was designed for Baja or a desert and trail do-all machine. If you want to ride tracks get an MX bike, the BRP may be the best for what it was designed for but on a track IMHO not a good idea. Also (like me) when you see 12-14 year old kids clearing 60' doubles on there 85's you will think twice about this idea.

It depends upon your expectations. It is not an MX bike. If you have an old fashioned MX track nearby and ride it like an old fashioned MX rider, you will have fun. If you are an MX novice (like me) and don't jump too much, you'll have fun. If you expect to hoink a big double and bust a nac-nac, you will be sad. And injured.

I have fun on mine, but I am not expecting to burn up the track, just practice my technique, hae cheap fun and get in shape. Works fine for that.

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