Stuck float valve

So Sat. I do a valve adjustment,button her back up.Going to take her for a spin,wont start.Kick for a while she fire's then dies.Check and it's getting no gas in the float bowl,pull the line off and tried to blow and it pluged,so I hook a floor pump on the line and pump,50psi and the line blows off.Wind up taking the tank off and spining the carb to get the float bowl off,removed the float and had to grab the float needle with a pair of pliers to pull it out.It was like glued in.Cleaned it up put it back together and fired right up.Never had one stick like that before. So Sun. I rode out to the coast and back about 90 miles,BIG FUN. I'm pretty sore today but still cant get the grin off my face.

Maybe it was just a little stuck until you applied the air.

I dont think it would have made it worse.I was blowing in so it should have pushed it open.When I got it out there was grud on the needle (like super glue)

DUDE havent we all told you super glue WONT make your bike any faster???

LOL never had one that stuck either, had it been sitting for a while?

It had been run a couple weeks ago.So it hadnt sat to long. On a side note got 40 mpg.

tracked my mileage when i was up in the mountains at a bit over 40 prolly 42/43 ish, wasnt a really hard ride so thats why such good mileage even with bieng at 7k feet so running a little rich for sure.

Could have just had some crud in the tank that finaly made it's way down the line. How's the filter in the tank look? Got an inline filter also?

I've cleaned carbs with stuck floats before, but the jets and bowl were gooey too. If it happens again, you might want to pull the float jet and see if there are any score marks worn into the sleeve surface, that could cause the jet body to wedge into one of the score marks and either stick open or closed.

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